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  1. akiraminamai Oct 12, 2013

    im new can i join shugo chara is like my favorite anime and manga

  2. Sharon-sama Sep 25, 2012

    Thanks to everyone! This group is very nice ^^

    merged: 12-25-2012 ~ 06:45pm
    Merry Christmas!

  3. EuforiaAmuritaNatsumi Sep 19, 2012

    Welcome for the new member ^_^

  4. Sharon-sama Sep 18, 2012

    Ciaossu! I'm new.... ;-)

  5. MonteCristo Jul 17, 2011

    Oleeee i'm new in this group!
    I am a big fan of shugo chara..and the fan number one of IKUTO!I LOVE HIM HE IS MY BOYFRIEND loool i am kiding!
    I hope i have fun here!

  6. kanrithai Jun 07, 2011

    Shugo Chara FTW :'D

  7. girlwithgills May 18, 2011

    Yuiki yaya is my favorite character, she is a lot like me.

  8. sakura0212 Feb 20, 2011

    most kawaii shoujo manga i've read :D
    ahahaa <3

  9. shallen11 Oct 23, 2010

    .... hello, im a new member.....

  10. MiMi Jun 18, 2010

    ne, can someone plz help in how to make a good new version group layout? >.< i dont know how to slice it.. plz

  11. MizuuHime Feb 18, 2010

    OMG, I forgot to put this wall in this group....
    My new wall of Shugo Chara:
    Angel Cradle
    Hope you like it ^_^

  12. Niika Feb 09, 2010

    may I join?
    waaaaaaaaah~~ love shugo chara..& ikuto<3


  13. vampirelover4444 Dec 08, 2009

    ikuto is SO DAMN HOT! X3

  14. riku1212 Oct 13, 2009

    hey gang the admin is back! >o<
    im so sorry for not being active but im here now so what has been going on? anybody?

  15. hgfdsa Sep 12, 2009

    this's gr8!

  16. TadaseLover Sep 11, 2009

    People say things a! nobody says things.

  17. prischan Aug 31, 2009

    i tried to join but is not allowing me? what im doing wrong? im up to date with the anime and the manga...waiting for the next chapter that comes out sept. 3rd!

  18. guwu3 Aug 25, 2009

    hi! pain is a good friend

  19. EsperanzaC Aug 18, 2009

    hi h ;)
    im esperanza
    i just want to ask if you could affile my group

  20. riku1212 Aug 12, 2009

    How do we make ppl be more acctive?

  21. TadaseLover Jul 28, 2009

    ThaI know that is the exact same thing!

    merged: 08-11-2009 ~ 05:26pm

    merged: 08-11-2009 ~ 05:40pm
    Has anybody checked out the new chapter in shugo chara!

  22. Ninaarrx3 Jul 21, 2009

    Shugo Chara FTW :'D

    This was my first anime and manga and has been my fave ever since! XD

    I love Tadase though Ikuto aint bad ;)

  23. riku1212 Jul 20, 2009


  24. TadaseLover Jul 20, 2009

    People need to say more things!

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